Koinex इंडिया का बेस्ट क्रिप्टोकरेंसी एक्सचेंज

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Koinex is India’s most advanced digital assets exchange. It’s the first complete exchange supporting multiple cryptocurrencies / tokens on a single platform. Built entirely from scratch, Koinex is aimed at bringing the magic of blockchain technology to India. Bitcoin – the world’s first cryptocurrency – was introduced in 2009 and since then over 1000 tradable tokens have come into existence. However, for a long time India missed out on the tremendous opportunity that the rest of the world had been enjoying. And Koinex has been built to to bridge that gap.
Koinex has been built over cutting edge technology. Proprietary trading engine, wallet and platform architectures, grade A security, user-centric UI/UX, and tons of user-demanded features are some of the things which define Koinex. It’s being carved to perfection, one day at a time, all with your constant love and support.

About Team

The team behind Koinex are people just like you. We are a bunch of technologists and product designers who share the same love and passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as you. We have been traders ourselves, and we are working to solve the pain known to all of us, one step at a time. It is our vision to make India a hotbed of blockchain technology development and adoption.
We assure you that the coming future is going to be delightful and full of surprises, as we strive to improve Koinex, build more trading tools, develop more blockchain products, and create a holistic cryptocurrency trading ecosystem.
  • Launched In: 2017
  • Based Out Of: Mumbai
  • Founders: Rakesh Yadav, Rahul Raj and Aditya Nayak
  • Cryptocurrency Offered: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash total 15 Currency and adding more in future.
  • Transaction Fee: 0.2-0.25%
  • Avg. Registration Time: 4-5 hours

Founded by Rakesh Yadav, Rahul Raj and Aditya Nayak in August 2017, Mumbai-based Koinex is a multi-digital assets exchange.The multi-cryptocurrency platform offers trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

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How to Signup view this Video.

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